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"Jerry"  Red citrus/ FireTiger Hypo Translucent paradox.  The paradox gene coming out of the hypotang/Red Citrus line.  He was born solid red but began to change at 8wks old, interesting coloration now at 7months old.  He could go solid blue...not sure.  A few of his sisters are doing the same thing now.  Not for Sale.



2015 Shameka daughter

Julien (not for sale)

Mr. Pinky (hypo leatherback pink/purple het trans)  X Bam Bam (hypo tang translcuent) "julien"  Hypo Tang Translucent 

from our  old Julio hypo tang line. Neat looking paradox dragon. 


2015 Shameka daughter



For more than 20 years we have been breeding bearded dragons.  It is easy to spot them in many colonies around the world. 

"Originator of the Citrus Tiger"