These 3 below are 2000 Goldfinger babies, Apollo grandsire

Yes real color!! not edited.

I had about 5000 citrus tiger photos literally, but lost them in a computer crash.  I have been asked to repost my morphing series of black babies turning into bright yellow and blue sub adults and that will come soon.

KayCee granddaughter.

I didn't have a digital camera at this time. It was a photograph scanned. It is about 12 yrs old and she is 3 or so in the photo. These were used to make Citrus Tiger and bred to patternless yellows until the orange was bred out.  The hardest citrus tiger to make and keep the pigment integrity is the hypo translucent citrus  tiger.

Tammy and Apollo 2001

Citrus Tigers are the "air ferns" of the dragon world.  They get really big and if kept properly outlive most other dragons the same age.  They are rarely ill if ever.  The hatch rates are super impressive...if the egg is viable it hatches and the baby is rare to have a "poor doer".  We certainly have some runts and those I keep...the problem is they have all reached 19" 21" and in the 600g ranges.  Citrus Tigers seem to be worm feeders, they prefer worms over other feeders.  

I started working on the "blue barred dragons"  tiger gene in 1997 and while we had many visual "tiger" barred dragons of every color here that I had been working on none passed this gene to all his progeny or even a few of his progeny with regularity.  Even when breeding two visual tiger barred animals together sometimes less than half the clutch would show this patterning and those babies kept back and bred to produce this trait were similarly unsuccessful.   One particular dragon that came from my dad's stock which was an orange and blue dragon with a blue belly and light greenish iris named "KayCee" he had a "digit" at the end of his tail (not a tail nip) probably part of evolution my vet said and he was bred to several females and 100% of the progeny from him had extreme tiger patterning and about 30% have that digit in the tail  These offspring were bred over the years to Ghosts, Citrus, Red, etc with the same result.  All offspring had barring.  The progeny with the minimal barring when bred to a non tiger produced the same result as an extreme tiger..all offspring had barring..some minimal some heavy.  Tigers can show in any form: Translucent, Fire Tiger, Rainbow Tiger, Citrus Tiger, Tangerine Tiger, Ghost Tiger, etc.   While we have animals here that have tiger bars some are not a genetic tiger and will not reproduce this pattern it is a visual trait, these are not classified as tigers here and may be advertised as a dragon with blue barring, they will not be called Tigers.  If the dragon has come from the tiger lineage then it will be labeled as a tiger.  Citrus Tigers resulted from KayCee progeny bred to Apollo a pure Citrus dragon that produced incredible red offspring even when bred to a Citrus (founder of the Bricky  Red and Red Citrus lines) line dragons and the yellow and blues were pulled and bred to the patternless citrus lines.  Draggintails Citrus Tigers are homozygous and can be seen all over the world, I began exporting them as soon as the gene was established to France, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Austria, Asia, England and Ireland and from there they have spread all over the globe, you can spot them in every colony as they are one of the most recognizable morphs of bearded dragons on the planet and all originated here at Draggintails. The most famous of the Citrus Tigers was a female named Shamy..she produced the most electrifying tigers ever and clients from Europe would fly here for Shamy parties to hand pick her babies every year when she produced her clutches. She has passed on now, but her progeny are still here with me as well as in several select colonies here in the US, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Canada, England, France, Thailand, and Ireland.